Pendant lamp DÉTAIL 011

The DÉTAIL collection is inspired by the sculptural decoration of the architecture of past centuries. The luminaires, inspired by the decorative elements of the facades, have modern and laconic forms. Gypsum coating, the traditional material chosen for the production of luminaires, emphasizes the originality of the form and is one with the architecture of the space.
Making plaster lamps is a complex, author's technology, which is mastered masterfully by our masters. Each element of the lamps is made by hand, with extraordinary attention to detail, and the result of this work is a unique work of authorship.

On request, the pendant lamp is available with different suspension options and with different base shapes.

Let yourself enjoy beautiful and bright light!
Floor lamp made of steel with gypsum coating

81 000
Wall lamp made of steel with gypsum coating

49 000
Pendant light made of steel with gypsum coating

168 000