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Lighting for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants on Demand

Thanks to our in-house production, we offer complete implementation of unique lighting projects, from concept development to installation of the lighting solution. We offer favorable collaboration terms for designers.
We develop custom lighting solutions for bars, cafes and restaurants. Thanks to our in-house full-cycle production, we implement unique "turnkey" lighting projects, from concept development to installation. We offer favorable conditions for cooperation to private designers and design studios.

Look at the examples of the produced items

Tufenkian Heritage Hotel
steel, embossed, powder-coated
Restaurant Lights
powder-coated steel, decorated with cotton thread
RC Achievement
polished brass with glass
Private interior
steel, powder-coated housing, glass lamp
Folk Restaurant
natural oak with decorative coating, steel, powder coating
Private interior
powder-coated steel, colored glass fixtures
Arkady Novikov Cheese Factory
aluminum, powder-coated, light-scattering plastic figures
Restaurant Lights
decoratively coated steel
powder-coated steel
Moltobone Restaurant
natural marble and glass
Greece Restaurant
steel with decorative painting, glass luminaire
Rouge Restaurant
bamboo and glass, steel case

Pricing and Production Time for Lighting

Studio 2K Lighting Workshop creates custom lighting for bars, cafes, and restaurants (HoReCa) based on design layouts provided by designers.

If necessary, we offer assistance in consulting and selecting products, materials, and forms. Each order is unique, and the cost and production time are based on several factors:
After studying the project, we calculate the exact cost of the entire order, and the price does not change during the production process. All deadlines are specified in the contract, and we provide a guarantee of on-time order completion.
Additional services
Product cost
Design and construction complexity
Order volume
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Calculate the cost of your project

To clarify the details and calculate a comprehensive estimate, we can arrange an online meeting, or you can send your sketches to our email

Our working process:

You send us a completed technical assignment or leave a request for the development of professional lighting for your space
We prepare a commercial offer, send it for approval, and confirm it
We receive a deposit and launch the order into production. We provide 3D models and drawings of lighting fixtures. Upon completion, the final settlement takes place
We deliver the finished lighting systems. We carry out installation or chief installation (our technical support when the work is carried out by third-party specialists), if provided for in the contract.

Our clients

The absence of intermediaries allows us to reduce the overall cost and accelerate the production time
We control the quality of our products at every stage of production. We only use proven materials and reliable components
Each of your orders is unique! We create lighting solutions that match the overall concept and style of your establishment.
We provide a 2-year warranty for all of our work
The accumulated experience and expertise of our specialists allow us to implement the most unusual and memorable designs in the field of HoReCa and lighting for private interiors

Advantages and attention to detail

Features of lighting fixtures for bars, cafes, and restaurants

The organization of lighting - the most important part of the overall concept of interior design of any cafe, bar or restaurant. Light is the image, mood and atmosphere of the place. In addition, properly implemented lighting helps to save energy.
All HoReCa businesses must comply with building regulations on lighting. 2K Lighting Workshop is ready to meet all these challenges and develop the most effective lighting design. We have favorable terms of cooperation for private designers and design studios.
2K Light Workshop Studio produces reliable and safe products. Cooperating with us on HoReCa lighting, you can be sure of a professional selection of lighting design in compliance with all building regulations.
Lighting solutions must be in harmony with the interior of the institution. Depending on the overall style concept choose materials, design, type, number, location of future equipment.

Any interior with a properly organized light scenario will become more stylish and sophisticated. Even food in a beautiful light looks more appetizing. And vice versa, the wrong lighting solutions can ruin even the most expensive repairs.

The team at 2K Light Workshop Design has extensive experience of lighting in cafes, bars and restaurants in a wide variety of styles, from classical to loft. Over our 9 years of experience we have successfully completed more than 1000 orders. In our production we create all types of lighting current today in catering establishments - wall, floor, table, pendant, ceiling equipment, recessed fixtures, LED strips, dyuraLights. All materials are high quality and safe, meet modern standards.
In addition to external parameters, it is worth paying attention to the functional characteristics of lighting devices.
Lighting in catering establishments is organized on several levels, depending on the functional features.
When designing lighting in bars and restaurants, it is recommended to follow some rules.
  • Lighting temperature - in order to create a cosy atmosphere the light should be warm, ideally 2700-3000 K

  • Dimmable - Ideally if the luminaires can be dimmable to create the right atmosphere

  • Color rendering index - in dining areas at least 80, in the kitchen at least 90

  • Luminaire bulbs must be hidden from the eyes of visitors

  • Soft and diffused light is preferred.
  • General - the main lighting in the hall, passageways. It is formed by chandeliers, suspended ceiling structures.

  • Accent or local - it highlights separate elements, objects. It is created by hanging lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, LED strips, built-in or track fixtures.

  • Decorative - an independent decorative element that is part of the interior. It could be unusual lamps, duralight.

  • Technical - lighting of utility rooms.

  • Emergency - autonomous lighting that ensures the safety of visitors and staff in emergency situations.
  • Zone the space with light accents.

  • Above each table it is better to make its own light source with a dimmed light.

  • Be sure to intensely illuminate the bar counter.

  • Take into account the reflectivity of mirrored surfaces - glare can blind the eyes.

  • Do not neglect the lighting control system - it allows you to adjust the lighting to the time of day, the nature of the event, creates a certain atmosphere.

Features of lighting fixtures for bars, cafes and restaurants

What to look for when choosing fixtures (lighting) for Horeca?

Types of lighting

Lighting rules for cafes, bars and restaurants

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